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(99 Likes) I’m twelve almost thirteen years old and I love plush animals, LOL dolls etc. I enjoy playing with. Am I too old for this? I also sleep with a lot of stuffed animals. I really love them but I have two older brothers and they were never like this.

There are absolutely no hobbies like me. I’ll be honest though, people might be mean to you for playing with LOL Dolls and stuff. sex doll hafsia herzi like this. They may call you “childish” or “baby”. But that’s not you. Ignore them or report the bullying to a teacher/parent. I also sleep with plush animals (13 years old). It’s really calming and helps a lot when I’m really worried

(41 Likes) What are the benefits of sex dolls?

very important to me. Of course, some people cannot have a partner due to some circumstances and maybe in this case, having a sex doll is very important, but usually these people do not resort to sex dolls. I wasn’t going to buy a sex doll but one evening I was tired and bored and while sitting at the computer I came across this site Xs://X.realsexlovedollXX/sex-doll.html . Then I found a cool sex doll and decided.

(90 Likes) Which songs that are not known the most do you like?

I appreciate the Russia-based Radio Caprice. They have a separate station for every genre of metal you can think of (sorry non-metals) and there are ZERO DJs and ZERO commercials/advertisements, just nonstop music. The only problem is my microwave is blocking the signal so I can’t cook pizza while shaking. YouTube is my last resort if I can’t find what I’m looking for, but it has some hidden gems you won’t find anywhere else. Below is a list of fantastic but relatively unknown metals, most of which have had less than a thousand hits on Spotify. This is the lowest number you’ll ever see, definitely putting these gems in the pretty obscure category. Get your ears ready for an epic riff; Transcendence – Eternal Reign as Dark as It Gets. Who are these guys? Judgment Hammer – No Surrender Think Metallica’s Kill ’em All, but with a little less thrash and a little more rhythm. Appropriate old school metal in a nutshell. Samson – Congregation Not unknown per se (Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson was on Samson), but it’s certainly been underrated. Ascendia – Demon Eyes Epic riffs, epic vocals, anything epic. Gamma Bomb – Sentenced to Thrash “How can you beg? Damn criminal.” Lords of the Trident – Manly Witness Cheesy power metal/hard rock, with nonsense. Love it. Shakra – Unspoken Truth Probably the least heavy song on this list, but that doesn’t detract from its greatness. Savage Messiah – The Fateful Dark I saw these guys play this live at Download Festival 2016, it was awesome. Cannon – METAL Very silly sheet metal. Take it seriously when in danger. Bliksem – Dead End I’ve run out of words. Cirith Ungol – Heaven Help Us I have a weakness for any band that takes JRR Tolkien’s lore see also Amon Amarth Emerald – Look at the Stars As old as it sounds These guys must have been big Black Smith – The Triumph And Glory Of The Wood People (OST Lords And Heroes) It’s actually in Russian, so it’s hard to find. Spitfire – Macedonia Greece has more of a metal pedigree than anyone would believe. I have this on my Imension – The Enemy Within IPod and I have no idea where it came from. Thank God. Light this City – The Best naturally starting with Release Melodeath (a bit of an exaggeration but still good). Ram – Defiant Older stuff. Sondura – You Remain A little more radio-friendly (yes, I use that as an insult) than most on this list, but still good. The Soulless – Earthbound Compilation albums are great for finding songs you might not otherwise discover. Hour of 13 – Naked Star on the same compilation as the above song

(31 Likes) I love Rick Nelson’s Travelin’ Man song. Who is the “Chinese doll waiting for transformation in old Hong Kong”?

talk about the secrets the house holds, referring to the girl whom the singer is hiding something from. “I got my money in a coffee can behind the bed, I’ll throw my nickels away if I have to break up” this line of lyrics describes how the singer distrusts the stability of the relationship and the reality of her lover. The “change” may be a metaphor for his love feelings, hiding them in case the relationship ends and he breaks his lover’s heart. The chorus might mean exactly that if her lover asks how she will go, or how she will stay if she dares, which may have encouraged her to let her stay and stay true to her, “put all her eggs in”. a basket” so to speak. he tells the audience that if this part of the chorus goes to the audience, he will go shamelessly, that is, if the relationship he loves so much fails for him, he will not be insulted by the way he reacts. “This house is so talkative, brooks and moans keep me up” This part of the singer is about how her boyfriend told her how much he loved her, but had a hard time showing it. He describes how the woman groans and groans in the streams and keeps him up at night, meaning he and she fight a lot and often keep him up at night. Returning to “he is quite talkative”, this could also be a metaphor for insulting him in the relationship, but also accusing him of not doing enough for himself, not showing his love properly. “and the photos know I’m a liar, they laugh as they burn him to the ground” in his lyrics he talks a bit about the photos, a metaphor for how you show him that you really love him even if he doesn’t want to. makes it defenseless. “they are laughing as they burn it down” because not showing her true feelings for him might be hurting him, and the “photos” know it hurts him too, which makes him an appropriate punishment. The next ending of the chorus is “and if I go I will burn, my anger will take me there,” the singer says that if the relationship ends, she will make no attempt to contain herself. his anger towards his lover, his not trying to fix things, his “burning out”, he tells that once he leaves, nothing will be left for him or his lover. now the bridge, “they are shaking the back door shingles man is burning through this house, he is a total guard, a total guard”, describing the destroyed house as I interpret it as a phoenix-style rebirth. The absolute destruction of the relationship has begun, but the house “holding you” implies that the relationship is not over, but is completely restored in its destruction. or even if he tries to get rid of the relationship by “burning”, he will always “keep it”, that is, to life, love, relationships, etc. “and it shows that it will forever affect his point of view”. I’ll go crazy if I go I’ll let my girlfriend take me there” this last part is perfectly clear. If the relationship ends, it drives him crazy and it’s all because of his girlfriend. maybe it will drive him crazy enough to go back to it (“let my love take me there”), but of course that is up to the listener’s personal interpretation. Also, this is just my personal comment on the song and its meaning, sorry it’s too long and a bit

(57 Likes) Why and when do you want to buy a sex doll?

Doomed to be millions of people who feel lonely, rejected, sad, and perhaps even unlovable. And those feelings are exacerbated by romance movies, books, and lovers doing PDAs all over town. Even TV ads, dating apps, and ads next to buses and subways all point to love. Unfortunately, not all people are lucky in love. That’s why buying a realistic sex doll can be the perfect solution and the best way to fulfill your fantasies! But that’s not the only reason to get a sex doll! That said, here are seven reasons why getting a sex doll is the best idea you’ve ever made. 1. Sex! A realistic sex doll is the ultimate symbol of pleasure, even more than a human partner. Why? Because a sex doll likes to do it anytime and anywhere, which effectively solves the problem of lack of sex. Within your control, you can use a realistic sex doll as your sexy submissive and make you fly day and night with absolute pleasure. In the case of a human sex partner, this is almost never, if not impossible. You can also try out a number of different sex positions, use different holes and have sex as hard, fast, slow or as intimate as you want. You are the only one in control when it comes to sex with a realistic sex doll and you can quit whenever you want. A sex doll also thwarts the cravings of those with high libido and those who are addicted to porn or sex! 2. No Risk There is no risk of STIs when you buy a realistic sex doll. A 100 percent guilt-free experience that requires no condom use and gives you a real feel. Also, there is no risk of pregnancy with a sex doll, so you can go on town all day and night without the worry of being a baby daddy! Additionally, a sex doll will not do the trick! The probability of jealousy (or any negative emotion) is zero. Getting Back to Way 3. If you buy a realistic sex doll after a breakup, you will not only continue to have an active sex life, but you will also have the opportunity to recover from any awkward or scary experiences you may have had with a man. girlfriend or partner. For example, an ex may have made you feel self-conscious because they can’t come with you. Or maybe they said they couldn’t find a sexual connection with you. Buying a sex doll will help you perfect your techniques, last longer, and try different things that your next partner will almost certainly appreciate. Who knows, your next partner might even love the idea of ​​being your sex toy so you can spice up your relationship that way! 4. Your Perfect Partner Whatever your looks, you can be someone who really wants to get along with an extremely attractive partner. Or maybe that’s not even the case, but you still have a very special taste for women. Purchasing a realistic sex doll gives you a chance to experience happiness by allowing you to customize and source your perfect partner. Do you like blondes or brunettes? Big boobs or small? Maybe you like a woman with a tight and smooth cat? Your realistic sex toy can be who you want it to be, while giving you crazy intense orgasms and lots of sexual pleasure. Another great factor is that when you buy the sex dolls they are virgin. A brand new toy just for your fun! So, if you have a secret fetish for virgins, sex doll is a very attractive idea. 5. No Emotional Issues If you’re done with the emotional side of dating and sex, buying a realistic sex doll will effectively eliminate all these issues. A sex doll doesn’t nag, complain, get upset, get depressed or unhappy. And when you’re with him, in the bedroom or elsewhere, you don’t have to compromise anything. On the other hand, a realistic sex doll can offer a life-size female companionship and a real feel to which a real connection can be made for some. So, whether you’re just looking for something sexual or looking for a partner to get rid of loneliness and negative emotions, a realistic sex doll can give you all this. 6. Financial Freedom If you buy a realistic sex doll, you can definitely spend a pretty penny to buy your favorite, but after that… you don’t have to worry about taking her on dates, spending money on fancy restaurants, going to the movies. or Silicone Sex Doll last getaways! A sex doll gives you sexual, emotional and financial freedom, all in one. 7. Live Your Fantasy Have you always wanted to do a threesome? How about having sex in a new and interesting sex position? Do you have a particular fetish you’re afraid to talk about? Your lifelong sex toy does not judge! You can literally buy a realistic sex doll made up of two twin sisters showing their holes stacked on top of each other and giving you the best trio of your life! Not only that, sex dolls are loyal and have pretty low maintenance requirements. And if you’re looking to satisfy a particular baby fetish, here it is!