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(35 Likes) Why do people buy realistic silicone sex dolls? Why did this thing become more popular than a real woman?

en to use on their own. It is another form of masturbation. No risk of STDs, no unwanted pregnancies, no complicated mating rituals or relationships for those who are not in a regular Real Baby relationship. People masturbate. This hasn’t stopped humans from continuing to mate with each other and making more humans. A sex robot is just another, a little more e

(46 Likes) Is it illegal to have an underage sex doll?

You’re talking about things done to look like underage girls. I know there are some state lawmakers trying to make them illegal. My advice is to research the laws where you live and make sure it isn’t illegal. My opinion is that they shouldn’t be illegal. I think it’s better to use dolls for sex rather than sex wit sex doll head a real ch

(48 Likes) Will sex dolls/robots eventually replace sex workers?

whereas obedience (not slavery) and tenderness are being erased from women in the world. Instead of these values, the modern woman is authoritarian, arrogant, materialistic, fiery and proud. Without commenting on the veracity of simultaneous feminist ideology, I will say that reality—and biology—men will often want to be resource gatherers and home defenders, but will want a woman who can hold the fort. namely raising children, doing housework and sticking to traditional notions of female beauty. Modest, not flashy; thin or medium curved, not bony or fat (sorry but true); nylon stockings and high heels, not socks and sandals; long hair, not bald (unless you are Natalie Portman); not tattoos and piercings, but a clean face with a healthy smile. How many girls under 25 have you dated and are they good at doing housework or are you okay with sharing at least some of them? When was the last time you saw someone wearing nylon stockings in public (except for dress/uniform requirements)? How many do not have at least one tattoo or piercing on their body? The porn market has skyrocketed over the decades, as “feminine” women like this are hard to come by these days. Amateur, teen, MILF, interracial, furry, scat, snuff and many other genres you wouldn’t believe really exist. The availability and variety of porn has often been said to be one of the reasons millennials have less sex than older generations. The advantages are obvious – you don’t have to buy a porn video dinner or a house to access it, or listen to its endless gossip and problems. Porn videos don’t break your heart and don’t take half of everything you own. Porn videos don’t reject you for being ugly or weird. Many porn videos are shot from a first-person perspective, where the girl always calls you “dad” or “master” so you feel dominant and responsible – how many modern relationships are there like this? If they invent sex robots that don’t have the uncanny valley factor, I believe marriage rates will drop even more. All the advantages of being with a woman, but none of the hassles. I know I will get one! What about men who want to get married because they want children? Again, technology may provide an answer. Maybe one day, technology has advanced so much that sex robots could have built-in synthetic wombs that house eggs from egg donors so a man could literally impregnate a machine. It may drive the Abrahamic religions crazy, but when did this stop humanity from evolving? So for women who depend on men for survival but have nothing to offer them for pleasure or reproduction but their bodies, porn and sex robots are fierce competition that should be banned. Make no mistake, men are still the primary breadwinners of families and contributors to national GDP. The only reason women are primary consumers is because men control their wallets – if the MGTOW movement becomes mainstream and men take back control of it, you will see how dependent the market and society in general on men for their existence. However, humans are social animals that crave companionship and emotions. That’s why women who are feminine, gentle, caring and content

(90 Likes) Do you find the Annabelle doll scary, and do you think the real doll is scarier than the movie version?

Yes. But I find the real life Annabelle doll much scarier than the movie version. Best Sex Dolls br> I believe in the spiritual world sex doll head (You can call me crazy if you want) This is why Annabelle doll scares me so much in real life.

(95 Likes) What are some questions about user experience on sex doll sites?

Desire, I can freely roam in bed with my baby, it feels really great. Currently, I already have three dolls in my “funhouse”, including 1 silicone doll and 2 TPE dolls. To tell you about my real experience, the feeling of having sex with a sex doll is really cool. Sex with a doll is relatively free, so you don’t have to worry about the spread of STDs. m if you want to know