Is Milfsexdoll.com recommended?

Yes, I recommend this site to anyone who are interested in sex dolls. I hated sleeping alone. Now I never have to sleep alone again. Being close to her feels so real. She is the ultimate teddy bear to do dirty things with. My container looks like it came out of a cannon, but it arrived with the doll inside. I’ve had a lot of fun with her since she arrived. When she comes, I come. And very often.

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Yes, the customer service is absolutely gorgeous! This doll is absolutely incredible! The detail is superb, and the quality is so good that you will have a tough time telling this from a real woman! Can’t wait to dress my companion! Fast shipping, great communication, and all at a good price. Customer service was very helpful. They responded quickly and was so nice in every email. I love doing business with this company, because I know everyone will get what they want.

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Yes, Great Experience and Support! First time buyer so I was not confident. But after a little bit of talk with the support everything went fine. I was away of my home and they gently proposed me to delay the package. On the package everything was there as expected. She is very lifelike and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. I’ve enjoyed her a lot so far. Great experience and will maybe purchase another one in the future with them

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Yes, it was perfect! 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5! All day long! In summary: I bought a doll and I love it. MY FULL STORY: For the longest time, I have had a love/hate relationship with sex dolls. I’ve always enjoyed my sex life alone because I didn’t feel like I needed the influence of a “real” woman in my life. But as most of us know, there is no substitute for a woman’s body. My first sex doll was an inflatable, but it didn’t work out so well. This one is much better.

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Yes, Customer service was out of this world fantastic!! I couldn’t believe how realistic the doll was from her head to her toes. Several weeks into my order I decided I would like to have an extra head for my doll. I was worried I was too late that I couldn’t get an extra head with her. I contacted customer service. They showed me all the different head’s that would fit my doll’s body and they told me they would make sure it would match her tan body. It matches perfect!!!

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Yes, top notch customer service, Great experience. Same critique as most reviews, the order took about 2 weeks to ship out, once shipped, it was fast, and end product was outstanding in every way. Discreet, Packaging, quality, everything was high quality. The team that designed and built my doll were all artists. She is beautiful, I appreciate the lightness a great deal. I would highly recommend this doll. Also great thanks to the excellent customer service!

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Yes, it’s legit and safe to order from this site. Fast and efficient order handling. When the order was placed, I received an immediate response confirmation with an itemized list of everything in the order. After 12 days an email arrived stating that my order had shipped, also included was the itemized list of the contents of the order. as well as a tracking link that informed me that the expected delivery should be in seven days. Everything seems to be going smoothly. Time from placing the order to delivery is about 19 days. Love everything!

Is Gorgeoussexdoll.com Safe ?

Yes, it is a safe platform to buy dolls. I took a chance and it paid off. I ordered the doll and got it literally 3 weeks later. Super-fast. The doll came in initially without the head, but I had contacted their customer service and my issue was resolved in 72 hours. They sent the rest of my order plus more and it delivered 7 days later. I’m extremely impressed at how well they’ve fixed the issue they even threw in some accessories for my troubles. Thank you.

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Yes, customer service and the doll are great! So far, so good. My girl and I ordered our doll, and we completely forgot to pick out the free custom options. I emailed them, and within two days, everything was solved. The order was changed and shipped out soon. This is the second time I have ordered and the package has always come like they said it would discreetly and on time. I would definitely recommend ordering from here.